Isabel Marant classics

My top picks to elevate your wardrobe with Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant must-haves
BY Essi Kettunen

Isabel Marant is inspiring us with its clothes, beautiful dreamy prints, elegant style, and flowing fabrics.

The mix of Parisian elegance, bohemian chic and a touch of rock ‘n’ roll is the reason why these clothes pop out as trendy and also give off a classy 'old money' look.

Her timeless designs fit easily into any wardrobe providing versatility and long-lasting elegance.

The Bekett Sneakers

Iconic Isabel Marant Bekett Sneakers / Credit: Style Watch: Isabel Marant sneakers

These shoes were a huge trend 10 years ago, and everyone was wearing these Isabel Marant Bekett sneakers.

These shoes have come back into fashion and are now popular among today’s fashionistas.

You can wear them for example with jeans, casual dresses or athleisure wear.

Create a bold style statement with these Isabel Marant Bekett sneakers.

The Oskan Moon Bag

Oskan Moon bag / THE LIST

This trendy bag from Isabel Marant is elegant and has a unique shape with thoughtful details.

This bag is a staple in many fashion lovers' closets.

The Kapri Dress

Kapri Dress / Credit: Isabel Marant Spring Collection 2024

The black long dress is a classic piece and timeless wardrobe essential.

This dress stands out from the crowd with its distinctive and unique design.

Isabel Marant's Kapri dress effortlessly transitions from daytime to evening wear and is a must-have summer essential.

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