Jacquemus Iconic Capri Looks

The full story of the Jacquemus Capri fashion show
Jacquemus Fall 2024 Runway in the Highlight
BY Anni Leppälä

Why the 2024 Jacquemus Runway Was So Iconic

On Sunday, a day before the Jacquemus show, Blackpink's Jennie appeared on the brand's Instagram in a bright red dress resembling a terry cloth towel.

Credit: Instagram @jacquemus

She clutched it to her shoulder, evoking Brigitte Bardot in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Contempt.

The same scene was recreated on the runway.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Jacquemus

This was a deliberate homage. Simon Porte Jacquemus revealed online that the film, about a French playwright and his wife facing marital drama in Italy, inspired him to start his label 15 years ago.

Given this connection, Jacquemus chose Casa Malaparte in Capri for his anniversary show, the redbrick house made famous by the film.

Credit: Instagram @jacquemus

Jennie posed on the rooftop where Bardot once sunbathed naked, with Italy's Gulf of Naples shimmering in the background.

Best looks from Jacquemus 15th Anniversary Show in Capri

On Monday afternoon, Simon Porte Jacquemus celebrated his 15th anniversary with a stunning show at the iconic Casa Malaparte in Capri.

Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Gwyneth Paltrow soaked up the sun and scenery, while Jennie Kim closed the show in a sleek black gown.

Dua Lipa. Credit: Acielle
Jennie Kim. Credit: Jacquemus

Against the backdrop of the red masonry stairs, models flaunted skin-tight jersey dresses, chic scarves, and zebra prints, ready for a Mediterranean getaway.

Credit: Jacquemus

No Jacquemus show would be complete without statement bags.

While the designer is famed for his tiny Le Chiquito silhouette, this collection took a different direction with oversized boxy totes and slouchy rectangular carryalls.

Credit: Jacquemus
Credit: Jacquemus

As usual, vibrant, eye-catching shades dominated the Paris-based brand's latest collection, featuring bubblegum pink, rich turquoise, sunny yellow, and fire-engine red outfits.

Credit: Jacquemus

This lineup also signals the return of zebra print, a timeless motif that cycles in and out of fashion trends.

The classic pattern appeared on a coat with dramatic lapels, trendy Bermuda shorts, and square-toe loafers.

Credit: Jacquemus
Credit: Jacquemus