Men's Fashion Week Highlights

Discovering Milan and Paris fashion
Milan/Paris Men's Fashion week 2024 Recap
BY Anni Leppälä

What is the Vibe of the Infamous Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are not just about runway shows and glamorous parties.

They are key events in the fashion industry that set trends, launch careers, and highlight the creativity of designers from around the world.

But what makes these events so special? Let’s explore the captivating world of Fashion Weeks to understand their importance and charm.

What’s exceptional about the Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are melting pots of culture and creativity. Designers from different backgrounds bring their unique perspectives to the runway, resulting in a rich tapestry of styles and influences.

This cultural exchange fosters innovation and broadens the horizons of what fashion can be.

Whether it’s incorporating traditional craftsmanship into modern designs or blending street style with high fashion, the possibilities are endless.

Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2025: Milan, June 14-19

Milano Fashion Week is a celebration of luxury, creativity, and innovation.

It not only sets the trends for the upcoming seasons but also reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Milan.

Whether through stunning runway shows, celebrity sightings, or the latest in street style, Milano Fashion Week offers a captivating glimpse into the world of high fashion.

This edition of Milano Fashion Week features 20 physical and 4 digital fashion shows, along with 44 presentations, 8 by appointment, and 8 other events, totaling 84 appointments.

Debuting are Martine Rose, known for her work in London, and Dunhill, presenting for the first time in Milan after a London debut by designer Simon Holloway in February. Additionally, Chinese brand Valleyouth joins the digital calendar for the first time.

Moschino SS25 Milan Fashion Week 2024

Moschino opens the week with both its men’s collection and women’s pre-collection, marking Adrian Appiolaza’s debut as creative director.

Adrian Appiolaza doing last minute retouches before the runway. Credit: WWD

A saying from Franco Moschino himself: “It’s better to dress as you wish than as you should.”

This quote appeared on the bowling bag in Look 37, part of the resort collection shown simultaneously, and on the T-shirt in Look 22, symbolizing Appiolaza.

Credit: Moschino

It inspired the designer to weave together three themes: a move from formality to freedom, Franco Moschino's archival legacy, and Appiolaza's personal journey.

Moschino’s “LOST AND FOUND” collection was a playful reflection of everyday citizens journeying from the city to the office, pizzerias, and football games, all while breaking the rules of traditional daily uniforms.

Credit: Moschino
Credit: Moschino
Credit: Moschino
Credit: Moschino
Credit: Moschino

Fendi SS25 Milan Fashion Week 2024

This spring 2025 Fendi menswear show revealed the first collection of the brand’s 100th anniversary year.

Designer Silvia Venturini Fendi honored the brand’s evolving House codes for SS25, revisiting her debut menswear collection from 1990 to update Fendi men for today's era.

Silvia Venturi at Fendi SS25 Runway. Credit: Daniele Oberrauch

Asymmetrical shirts with sleeveless sides were draped to one side, evoking a frozen-in-time effect.

Credit: Fendi

Plaid cardigans featured tinted striping in Fendi’s distinctive Selleria stitching.

Credit: Fendi

Graphic shields adorned silk shirts in green and orange hues, setting the stage for the Euros alongside new Fendi jerseys in navy and gold.

Credit: Fendi

Woven handbags and ballerina-style footwear were consistent elements throughout the collection, adding a touch of charm to the Fendi ensemble.

Credit: Fendi

Prada SS25 Milan Fashion Week 2024

Prada presented V-neck sweaters paired with crisp collared shirts, spacious yet impeccably tailored trousers, and effortlessly stylish jackets, all adorned with vibrant spring colors.

Credit: Prada
Credit: Prada

The footwear collection was equally striking, featuring variations from flat shoes reminiscent of ballet flats and sleek sneakers to robust styles with chunky soles resembling Prada's popular Monolith boots, each commanding attention with its distinctive design.

Credit: Prada
Credit: Prada

Of course, I must mention those stylish reflective sunglasses, offering different perspectives from poolside scenes to lenses focused on art museums.

They feel straight out of a Prada SS2300 collection.

Credit: Prada
Credit: Prada